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A- Arm hole التركيز
B- Top arm محيط الذراع
C- Middle Arm محيط وسط اليد
D- Wrist محيط المعصم
E- Sleeve Length طول اليد
F- Hips محيط الورك
G- Waist محيط الوسط
H- Bust محيط الصدر
I- Armscye depth عمق الحلق
J- Front shoulder to waist طول الصدر
K- Full lenth with heels الطول الكامل
L- Back shoulder عرض الكتف


Look 1

Crafted in luxurious Emerald silk velvet, this 2 piece long kaftan boasts regal...

Look 2

Rich contrasting gold and black colours in feminine silk and chiffon commend a striking...

Look 3

Constructed with Maallem know how, this 3 piece traditional layered Moroccan kaftan...

Look 4

An evolution of the classical garment while using Safifa and Aakad detailing, the double...

Look 5

A beautiful layered skirt of white silk chiffon with a delicate hand-embellished pearl...

look 6

Stunning lush tones reminiscent of Versailles are crafted in a beautiful mermaid shaped...

Look 7

Alluring with a sheer black lace bodice and sleeves placed over a contrasting cream silk...

Look 9

A contemporary adaptation of the traditional 2 piece Moroccan kaftan, this black velour...

Look 10

Designed in rich royal blue velour fabric enhanced by dramatic hand embroidery featuring...

Look 11

A palette of strong contemporary colours featuring blue sapphire silk georgette, silver...

Look 12

Stunningly beautiful textures of layered black velour complimented by rose fuchsia silk,...

Look 13

A strong sense of royalty surrounds this striking dark 2 piece silver kaftan featuring...

Look 14

Featuring many historic characteristics of the traditional Moroccan kaftan, this...

Look 15

One of the most cosmopolitan pieces in the collection, this patterned sequin and silk...

Look 16

A strong use of texture with crocheted black lace incorporating traditional Moroccan...